26 out 2016

IPG5000 | Impulse Generator

The impulse generator IPG5000 (formerly named IPG1005) is the high voltage supply to the seismic borehole sources SBS42 and BIS-SH. The energy is stored in a large capacitor bank which discharges through a mechanical switch. The IPG5000 is controlled by a remote control unit (RCU). The RCU allows the user to start the seismic survey by a single or continuous shot release. The repetition rate is selectable under continuous operation. The RCU is connected to the seismograph to send an accurate time break.

Technical Details

Impulse voltage: 5000 V
Impulse energy: 1000 J
Power supply: 230 V/110 V
Shot release: Single or continuous
Repetition rate: 8 s (or freely selectable between 3 and 8 s)
Dimensions: 52 x 32 x 53 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Special features: Impulse counter, test trigger, emergency OFF button, intern/extern operation
RCU: Single or continuous shot release, impulse counter, test trigger, trigger output, emergency OFF button bloco de texto.